P2PHelp - People To People Help

People To People Help — is an active platform with raising funds and other resources for implementation of non-profit project and programs aimed at socially useful purposes and people financial freedom. .

The main goal of the international project, P2P Help is to develop an innovative system capable of ensuring an effective raising funds between whole P2P Help participants (effective fundraising).

Passive income – By joining P2PHelp, you provide yourself with an annually renewable source of passive income!

This is an International Business – Many people from all around the world can became your partners!

This is a long-term business – You're more than welcome to put your energy into the development of your business!

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Automation of Payments via Payeer

The payment mechanisms used in the P2PHelp are exceptionally simple and easy of access, and the system itself is designed in the way that all operations are performed automatically by Payeer wallet!


The P2PHelp Project is based three simple principles:

TRANSPARENCY – in our project we had implemented a simple and open system of earnings and money withdrawal. For ACTIVE USER in P2PHelp are no points, energy, hidden accounts or any other restriction of withdrawals of your money. P2PHelp also offer you the unlimited opportunities for making real money. Just get real money while growing your number of referrals and enjoying the P2PHelp project!


UNIQUENESS – P2PHelp is a unique project for earning real money. Perfectly designed economic component of the P2PHelp, as well as the simplicity and ease of use surely will not leave indifferent even the most demanding user.


STABILITY and SECURITY – P2PHelp project was designed with a great emphasis on the stability of your earnings with instant withdrawal to Payeer Wallet. Another important advantage of our project is the safety and protection of your personal data and funds.